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Artistic Mural Works is devoted to the artistic creations and long life dedication of fine Artist Norma Ruffinelli.

The diverse portfolio found in this site clearly demonstrates her versatility and ability to paint multiple subjects in in different mediums and surfaces.

To see many examples of Norma's art works in a variety of projects, we welcome you to visit her immense inspiriting gallery!

About Artist

Norma Ruffinelli is a passionate Fine Artist painter. Her style is detailed, creative and realistic. She draws artistic inspiration from her Italian Tuscan heritage. As a self taught artist, her beautiful murals reflect her accomplishments in studying historical European and National art.

For the last twenty years, Norma has devoted herself to her gift of painting by creating Artistic Mural Works, she takes her passion to the delight of her clientele. From painting in private residences, for art collectors, interior designers to commercial businesses. Her reputation as an artist for superlative work in creating elegant decorative fine art and murals of the highest visual and material quality is the primary factor in her success Norma's artistic ability has earned the trust of her clientele by transforming their ideas into beautiful realities Clients always find her work to be of superb quality and of great service. She is dedicated to give personalized attention to every detail into all her individual projects and to bring joy and satisfaction to every client.

About Company

Artistic Mural Works, is a company located in San Antonio, Texas and it extends it's services Nationally.

The company offers and provides to all customers incredible service with a continuous spotless reputation with over two decades of experience in the artwork industry . The satisfaction of our clients is our principal concern. We believe it is essential to work closely with the client from the first consultation all the way through to final completion. By early involvement in the conceptual phase of a project, we can explore all design possibilities and assist in obtaining the best balance of aesthetics and personal style. From the beginning until the end of a project our purpose is to provide your home or business with the most exquisite and unique look that would last for many years. Artistic Mural Works offers a wide spectrum of services to fulfill the decorative painting needs of our clients. Whether it is a Creative Mural for a Restaurant, a Trompe L'oeil for a Building lobby, Corporate suite, Hospitals, Schools or a Specialty Finish for a Private Residence, We can accommodate virtually any project.

Artistic Mural Works has gained the respect and admiration of its clients due to the sincere interest we demonstrate by our reliability on every individual project. if you wish to contact Us, please go through the contacts page and enjoy your great experience with Artistic Mural Works. We greatly appreciate your visit.